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99re1久久热在线播放-Understanding the state of design and the people who make it.

Explore the results of this year’s survey, available as raw data and data visualizations.


99re1久久热在线播放-Section I — Who is designing in 2019?

第一国产福利视频500- A wide-angle view of the backgrounds of designers practicing in the field today.

第一国产福利视频500-Section II — How do designers work?

    2019在线观看国产福利视频- Where designers are working today, what kinds of design work they're doing, and how they're getting it all done.

    第一国产福利视频500-Section III — How much are designers making?

    99re1久久热在线播放- A snapshot of how designers are compensated in today's industry.

    2019在线观看国产福利视频-Section IV — How satisfied are designers?

            第一国产福利视频500- There's more to a job than money. Here's what makes designers feel happy and valued.

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